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Learn about Linked Data, a W3C data standard that has the potential to connect all the worlds data and can provide interoperability to the new web3 era.

Block 1
27th June

4 curated workshops

No prior knowledge needed in Linked Data.

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Speed Up Your Development
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Learn about Web3
Build Knowledge Graphs
Don’t you get tired of always connecting custom data structures to interfaces?We did too! That’s why we built LINCD. Learn how you can use LINCD to automate the connection between data & interface. Simplify your code and free up your time so you can focus on the fun parts.

Block 1

LEVEL 1 intro to LINCD Development

Embark on this 4-week interactive course and gain your LEVEL 1 accreditation for LINCD development. Learn about LINCD, Linked Data and its involvement in Web3.

During these 4 x 1.5 hour sessions we will dive deep into each subject and explore together working with coding examples. You will finish the course with better understanding of Linked Data and Web3.

You will also have the necessary skills to start building for interoperability and employing W3C best data standards, preparing you for a bright future of coding.

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Block 2

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