(pronounced linked)

LinkedInteroperable Code & Data

The web today is filled with data silos.
Projects that want interoperability need to understand each other!

LINCD removes these barriers by creating a place where projects can create reausable components linked to shared data structures.

How it works

LINCD is a Hub for Linked Data, hosting quality ontologies
and code to use those ontologies, ready to go

Linked Data

Easily convert your data to Linked data. Choose your preferred storage method and use suitable community-made components from the repository to build your application.

Data Sources

Start from any data source. LINCD is compatible with different sources of data, such as relational databases, cloud storage, or blockchain.

Mapping Tools

Utilize tools to normalize data and map to open linked data structures.

Graph Storage

Connect your application to graph database. Choose from various options to persist your graph such as creating and in-memory graph, saving to JSON or Turtle.


Explore our growing registry of open data structures and linked functionality. Find existing open data structures for your project and see which interface components, algorithms and other functions are available for it.

Utilise premade linked interface components

Join our challenges

Challenges are fun opportunities for leveling up your skills by building things. Each week, you'll get a new prompt surrounding a monthly theme to riff on. The best solutions are featured every week!

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